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Health Care Insurance News

Exceptional circumstances for special enrollment

In addition to the qualifying events already discussed in the previous sections, there are a range of other circumstances that will allow you to enroll in a plan through the exchange after open enrollment has ended for the year. These are all case-by-case situations, and they all apply on-exchange, although off-exchange carriers can allow for enrollment flexibility for these situations too.

What’s the deadline to get coverage during Obamacare’s open enrollment period?

Q. What is the deadline to enroll in health insurance coverage for 2019? A. In almost every state, open enrollment ended December 15, 2018 with all plans effective January 1, 2019. But most of the state-run exchanges with their own enrollment platforms extended their enrollment periods for 2019 coverage, and there are also extensions for some people affected by natural disasters in late 2018.

Short-term health insurance in Arkansas

Arkansas defaults to the federal regulations in terms of the allowable duration of short-term plans, but the state conducts rate review for short-term plans to ensure that the rates are actuarially justified, and state regulators have warned consumers that short-term plans should not be confused with ACA-compliant products.

DC health insurance marketplace: history and news of the state’s exchange

DC has by far the lowest percentage of subsidy-eligible exchange enrollees in the country. This is likely due to a combination of the fact that there is no off-exchange market in the District, the median household income is among the highest in the country, and Medicaid eligibility is quite generous (so lower-income applicants who would get subsidized QHPs in other states are eligible for Medicaid instead in DC). DC has an individual mandate as of 2019, and has sharply limited short-term health insurance plans.

Short-term health insurance in New Mexico

New Mexico regulations were changed as of February 2019 to limit short-term plans to three months, prohibit renewals, and prohibit sales to anyone who had been covered under a short-term plan at any point during the previous 12 months. Legislation is under consideration that would grant the state additional oversight.

Obamacare’s essential health benefits

Since 2014, all individual health insurance sold in and out of the ACA's exchanges – whether to individuals or to small firms with fewer than 100 employees – have had to cover what physicians and consumer advocates call essential health benefits.

Are visits to the chiropractor or physical therapist covered under the Affordable Care Act?

Q. Are visits to the chiropractor or physical therapist covered under the Affordable Care Act? A. All ACA-compliant individual and small group plans include coverage for physical therapy. Some individual market plans, sold via the health insurance marketplaces and off-exchange, include coverage for chiropractic services – but many do not. It depends in large part on where you live, as different states have different rules.

Idaho and the ACA’s Medicaid expansion

By a wide margin, Idaho voters have approved a ballot initiative to expand Medicaid. The state has 90 days to submit an expansion plan to the federal government, and must act to expand coverage "as soon as practicable."

Short-term health insurance in the District of Columbia

Washington DC has enacted legislation that limits short-term plans to three months, prohibits renewals, and prohibits pre-existing condition exclusions. Most insurers have stopped offering short-term plans as a result.

Short-term health insurance in Colorado

Colorado has its own regulations pertaining to short-term health insurance. Short-term plan duration in Colorado is limited to six months. You can't buy a short-term plan in Colorado if you've had coverage under more than one short-term plan in the last 12 months.

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