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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care InsuranceI believe that there is no greater threat to a family’s assets and lifestyle than the high cost of long term care, and no better solution than long term care insurance.

Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance typically helps pay for the high cost of care you might need as the result of a chronic disease, serious accident, prolonged illness, or cognitive impairment. Care can be provided in a variety of settings including: your home, adult daycare, an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Long Term Care Insurance is recognized as an important part of financial planning for the protection of your assets. Individuals in their mid-50’s and above are the usual interested parties. However, Long Term Care Insurance is acquired by many our clients as early as age 45. Your health may change and premiums increase with age so it is prudent to buy early.

Long Term Care policies are typically triggered (activated) if you cannot perform 2 out of the 6 "Activities of Daily Living" (ADL's) or if you are cognitively impaired. ADL's include: eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and continence. A cognitive impairment is the only trigger that works by itself. Cognitive impairments include different forms of dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

LTC is purchased in $10/day increments (e.g. $100/day will equal $3000/month in a 30 day month). Facilities can run as high as $5,000-6,000 a month in Georgia. LTC comes with a variety of riders that should be carefully considered before purchase. Home Health Care is designed to pay for care in your own home and is extremely important to consider. Inflation protection is also critical.

LTC is very complicated and confusing. A knowledgeable and certified agent is a must for this line of insurance.

Please call me for a free quote and to discuss how Long Term Care Insurance may help you protect not just your assets, but the lifestyle you value.

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