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Why Term Life Insurance?

Term Life InsuranceThe death of a spouse is perhaps the most emotionally traumatic event that we experience. What would you do if your spouse died unexpectedly? In most families today, both marriage partners work outside the home.

The financial requirements to run the household often substantially exceed the income of either spouse alone. If an untimely death were to occur, the inability to meet financial obligations such as household living expenses, mortgage payments, childcare, college, funeral costs, medical bills, and settlement costs with the single remaining spouse's income might require the hasty sale of assets, a lower standard of living, or even worse, the bank foreclosure on the family home.

Term life insurance is an excellent and inexpensive means of providing money when it is needed in these traumatic events.

Term life insurance, also called temporary insurance, covers a person against death for a limited time, the term. For example, the term might be until children are grown, or until college is paid for, or until retirement. You pay for the policy period and at the end of the term, the contract or policy expires. If no claims are made against the policy during the term, you don't receive any benefits after the policy expires, just like auto or homeowners insurance.

Understandably, no one likes to think about his or her own demise. For some, death seems a distant, future event. Others are simply too "busy". Whatever the reason, delaying in planning can result in expensive, unintended, even tragic consequences.

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